Awano Laboratory focuses on carbon-based materials electronics including the well-known carbon nanotube and graphene.

Being established in 2010, we currently have 10 postgraduate students and 6 undergraduates doing both calculation/simulation and experiment based researches.

Our Professor, Prof. Dr. Yuji Awano is a very well-known professor in the nanoelectronics society and is involved in many nanoelectronics development projects. He has been inside the industry for a very long time and holds a lot of patents in semiconductor devices field. Having the oppurtunity to lead the nanoelectronic department at Fujitsu Company and act as a researcher in MIT before, Prof. Dr. Yuji Awano has a vast experience and is known for his works by both peers from local and overseas.

We always welcome any students or researchers interested in our field of study to contact us.


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